Unstoppable From the Start

Sports Interactive is one of London's leading game studios – one team creating the world’s most immersive sporting realities, from our home at Here East.

We're tenaciously passionate creators with progression on our minds. We bring talented, ambitious people together to craft gaming experiences inspired by the relentless innovation of modern sport. It’s a complex job, but the pay-off is epic, for us and our players.

Founded in ’94 by brothers Paul and Oliver Collyer MBE, Miles Jacobson OBE heads up the team as Studio Director. Under his leadership, we continue to stretch the possibilities of sports entertainment. Like every great football manager, the desire to surpass yesterday’s pinnacle pushes us on. Still growing, always learning, forever true to the game. It’s this ethos that caught the attention of SEGA, who brought us on board as a subsidiary in 2006.

Together For The Win

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Simulations Shaping Sport Culture

The Sports Interactive team is the root of every tactical decision, visionary selection and championship run. Together, we think outside boxes and bylines, always aiming to up our game. And while we’re serious about the experience we deliver, we’ve built a culture where we can truly come to work and play, where we come together to create and do things we care about. It’s a collaborative environment where everyone gets to develop and excel, as individuals, and as the tenacious team we are. We’re seriously unstoppable when we all pull in the same direction.

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The Place to Beat

Based at Here East - just a couple of pitch-lengths from Hackney Marshes, the spiritual home of English grassroots football - our vibrant studio is now home to nearly 300 team members.

As a dedicated campus for innovators of the future, our studio fits right into the creative outpost that is Here East. And it doesn’t hurt to be in the thick of Hackney Wick, surrounded by hot spots and inspiring stuff.


Our Values

We’re big on belonging. At the centre of our organisation is a simple set of values everyone shares, shapes and lives by at SI.

Keep Collaborating

Here, ideas belong to everyone, whatever department you’re part of. Collaboration lets us score more as a team than we could individually.

Be Flexible

We think fast and adapt faster. The football and entertainment worlds never stand still, so we keep innovating and switching things up to stay ahead.

Stay Tenacious

We don’t overlook the details. Everything we do is about producing the best game possible, in other words, never settle.

Show Ambition

Your individual outlook can give everyone the edge. Make the studio’s purpose personal and let your drive lead the way.

Bring the Passion

What we do is not a game. Making our players’ passion come to life is our passion. We take it seriously, even if we have fun doing it.

Consider the Big Picture

We want our impact to be a positive one. From built-in work/life balance to initiatives covering the most important topics of today, we have what matters in focus.

Award-Winning Workplace

Sure, our games have won big, but we’re proud to have the working environment we’ve created recognised too. We’ve been named a Disability Confident Committed employer, and got Best Place to Work titles twice in three years, as well as taking positive action to offer equal opportunities and getting involved with industry initiates to up inclusivity.


Want a spot on the SI Squad? We’re hiring now.