True to the Game

We’re a tenaciously passionate team of creators with an outlook firmly fixed on progression. Our new brand identity has been designed to pour fuel on the flames of creativity and unlock the future potential of Sports Interactive whilst staying true to our core values.

Based on the logos of ‘94 and ‘04, our brand icon honours the heritage that’s gone before, while creating an emblem for the goals to come.

The Module

One, humble device sits at the heart of the SI brand system: The Module. It’s born straight from our classic icon, but has the power to flex anywhere.

Passion Pays Off

Creating ultra-immersive experiences is a complex job, but the pay off is epic, for us and our players.

No Labels Needed

We’re an organisation where ambitious individuals can come together, and always come as they are.

Together for the Win

Sure, we have our individual roles, styles and skills, but we know that when we all pull in the same direction, we’re unstoppable.

Values That Shape Identity

We’re big believers in collaboration. The ‘Link-Up Play’ pattern runs through our visual identity, representing the chain reaction of ideas. And like ideas, the possibilities for how and where this dynamic device works are endless, from framing to flowing layouts.


At the very core of SI and our products are research, data and statistics. These details are emphasised by a custom set of numerals.

Top left red corner Top left red corner


“We’re tremendously lucky to get to do something incredible for a living and so we’re dedicated to providing experiences that offer others escapism from the real world, by creating alternate realities for them which inspire, educate, promote creativity and fulfil their fantasies”

Miles Jacobson, Studio Director

Bottom right red corner Bottom right red corner


Behind our games are talented people doing their thing.