Posted: 13.07.22

Miles Jacobson appointed War Child Ambassador

Miles Jacobson appointed War Child Ambassador
Studio Director Miles Jacobson will continue to support War Child as an Industry Ambassador.

Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive’s Studio Director, has been appointed Industry Ambassador for War Child, in recognition of the tireless efforts he has put into raising both funds and awareness of the charity’s work for almost three decades. 

Miles’ first encountered War Child in 1995 when, in his role as an A&R person at Food Records, he was instrumental in getting Blur involved with War Child’s famous Help Album – which raised a staggering £1.25 million for the charity. 

Miles’ involvement deepened further still when he switched his focus from music to games and joined Sports Interactive. Miles’ decision to provide royalties from the sale of every game to War Child has raised £1.5 million for the charity to date. Thanks to the ongoing partnership, War Child has not only financially benefited, but been seen by millions of people across the world through the appearance of the charity’s brand within the game.

Of his partnership with War Child, Miles said: “No child has started a war, so children shouldn’t be affected by war. It’s a simple premise, but sadly one that isn’t true. I first became aware of War Child when they were providing psychosocial support for children during the Bosnian war in the 90s. Thirty years later they are providing help in war zones around the world, always finding the most pressing issue to tackle in those zones for children. Whether that be safe spaces for kids to study in Central African Republic and Afghanistan or the plethora of child protection services in Yemen, they have a lean yet powerful team who efficiently raise funds and distribute them in the right way via their local teams and the best local practitioners.

“I’ve been able to see their work first hand in both conflict and post-conflict zones and it’s truly incredible the difference that they make to children’s lives. I’m so grateful for the work that they do and honoured that I’ve been involved with them for much of their history as an organisation. It is an honour and a privilege for us at Sports Interactive, and me personally, to be involved in their work – whether it be promoting them as a charity, or with the donations that we are able to give from people buying our games, and our community has been so supportive of this work too”.

Rob Williams, CEO of War Child UK said: “We are so lucky to have Miles in our corner. His unrelenting support and hard work has seen significant sums of money raised to fund our vital work around the world, and has put War Child on the map for the gaming industry – resulting in a groundswell of support. We are thrilled to welcome him into the fold as an official Industry Ambassador, as a reflection of our gratitude to his years of passion and energy for our cause. Miles has truly helped us reach more children affected by conflict and give them the chance of a better future”.

Miles’ latest initiative with War Child is supporting a project in Central African Republic which is intended to fight poverty, while promoting sustainability and peacekeeping.

Photo: Rob White Photography, 2022