Posted: 01.08.23

Win Big With Football Manager and Pledgeball

Win Big With Football Manager and Pledgeball
Sports Interactive are partnering with Pledgeball to support their Women’s World Cup campaign

Sports Interactive are delighted to be partnering with Pledgeball, a charity promoting greater environmental sustainability in football, for their Women’s World Cup campaign. 

Pledgeball encourages fans to make pro-environmental pledges, such as going vegan for two days a week or taking shorter showers, in support of their clubs. The amount of emissions pledged to be saved then determines a club’s standing within the Pledgeball league table. 

Following the Lionesses' open letter to the UK Government, Pledgeball are also supporting girls access to education, both in the UK and abroad. 

We’re supporting their World Cup campaign, where the pledges made by fans will affect their national team’s ranking in the league table, with in-game advertising and copies of Football Manager 2023 for their supporting prize draw.

Get pledging for your national team today and enter the draw, with Pledgeball shirts from Robbie Savage, Adebayo Akinfenwa and Jules Breach among the items waiting to be won. 

Katie Cross, Pledgeball CEO, said: “We are very grateful for Football Manager’s support, and delighted to be working with them on this. Their support on this campaign begins to normalise addressing environmental sustainability and has huge potential to drive significant and meaningful change.” 

Sports Interactive’s Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Richard Trafford, added: “We’re very excited to be partnering with Pledgeball for this World Cup campaign. We took some bold steps for our industry with our eco-packaging changes a number of years ago and it’s a pleasure to be involved with another fun, difference-making initiative here. We look forward to seeing our fans getting involved with Pledgeball’s work, making pledges to make a difference and get their countries up the table.”